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At Ondoro, we develop iOS and Android apps that simplify life. Our approach is to make each app easy-to-use, user-friendly, and optimised for the best user experience. We take your ideas and craft them into clear and functional mobile apps 📱 Schedule your free consultation today to learn more!
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Our Services

Ondoro-Service-Custom iOS & Android Apps

Custom iOS & Android Apps

  • Tailored features for your specific needs
  • End-to-End development process
  • Seamless user experience on all devices
Ondoro-Service-MVP Development

MVP Development

  • Quickly get minimum viable products
  • Focus on core features for early feedback
  • Cost-effective way to validate app concepts
Ondoro-Service-App Maintenance & Support

App Maintenance & Support

  • Ongoing updates for app optimisation
  • Reliable support for smooth operation
  • Regular monitoring for peak performance

Our Team

Ondoro-Author-Abdul Rehman

Abdul Rehman

Co-Founder & CEO

A passionate mobile app enthusiast and a visionary in the mobile app sphere. Leads our team with a blend of innovation and practical know-how. His expertise has been the driving force behind several successful apps, making a significant impact in the app world with his unique approach and visionary leadership.

Ondoro-Author-Muhammad Shoaib

Muhammad Shoaib

Co-Founder & CTO

As an expert in app development, Shoaib has a record of delivering exceptional apps showcased in the App Store, Apple Retail Stores globally, & at Apple Events. Renowned for his high-quality work, he's also a Harley Davidson enthusiast & a fries fanatic, blending tech brilliance with his unique passions. 🏍️🍟

Previous work by our Founders!

Browse through some of the previous work by our founders and be in the company of these amazing products by choosing Ondoro!

Ondoro-Portfolio-Hypercare-Messaging & On-Call

Hypercare-Messaging & On-Call

Hypercare is a HealthTech product that provides a mobile, secure, comprehensive digital healthcare collaboration suite that connects the right providers at the right time allowing for critical communications and sensitive patient information sharing.

Ondoro-Portfolio-imagi - fun coding game

imagi - fun coding game

The imagi app makes programming fun, creative and social. An EdTech product, recognized by Apple in various App Store features, Apple Events, Apple Retail Stores worldwide, as well as the Apple newsroom & developer sessions. Moreover, tech publications such as TechCrunch & CNET, as well as Product Hunt, have highlighted its success.

Ondoro-Portfolio-Luminary Podcasts & Originals

Luminary Podcasts & Originals

Luminary is a subscription podcast network with original shows, music, and audio experiences from your favorite creators. Featured by Apple on the App Store.

Ondoro-Portfolio-Paul Camper

Paul Camper

Hire and rent out campervans with PaulCamper! PaulCamper is Europe’s largest platform for private camper sharing. Campervan owners can rent out their vehicles securely and easily via our platform to those who’ve caught the travel bug.

Our Founders have some Fans on LinkedIn!

Don't just take our word for it - hear from some of our satisfied clients and employers from around the world! See what others are saying about our awesome founders on LinkedIn!

Abdul's technical expertise in iOS and Android development is impressive. He consistently delivered high-quality work, demonstrating a keen attention to detail. His proactive problem-solving skills and commitment to meeting deadlines significantly contributed to project success. In addition to his technical prowess, Abdul is a collaborative team player and an effective communicator. I wholeheartedly recommend Abdul. He is a valuable asset...
Ondoro-Founders-Testimonial-Cesare D'adamo

Cesare D'adamo

Head of Product & UX - PaulCamper

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Shoaib on building the imagi app for almost two years... an excellent developer who can rapidly implement and iterate on his work while also paying attention to detail... Shoaib was involved in the full cycle of development, from planning, to prototyping, implementing, testing, to then releasing his changes, and he treated all of these stages with a high degree of care and diligence... truly believe that anyone would be lucky to have him on their team.
Ondoro-Founders-Testimonial-Paula Dozsa

Paula Dozsa

iOS Engineer at Spotify 🎶

Abdul is that rare mobile software engineer whose dedication and hard skills have always stood out during our time together. His knack for taking on responsibility while excelling in his role truly sets him apart... His expertise in mobile software development was evident during the execution of our projects. Not only is he a skilled professional, he's also a great team player, readily offering assistance to team members and fostering an environment of shared success.
Ondoro-Founders-Testimonial-Sergei Zimakov

Sergei Zimakov

Head of Engineering at PaulCamper

Shoaib is a wonderful individual to work with. He is full of energy, passionate, and personable. I loved learning about all the various hobbies he has and I got to know a lot about him even on the first meeting I had. Just found out recently he even helped build one of my favourite apps Less. I really enjoyed working with him and I hope we continue to stay in touch.
Ondoro-Founders-Testimonial-Albert Tai

Albert Tai

CEO at Hypercare

...a highly valued member of our team at imagi who contributed tremendously to imagi. His dedication to producing high-quality work, consistency, and attention to detail was truly impressive. He consistently showed great responsibility and ownership over his tasks, often going beyond his role as a developer... Any organization seeking a skilled developer and dedicated team member would be fortunate to have Shoaib...
Ondoro-Founders-Testimonial-Beatrice Ionascu

Beatrice Ionascu

Co-Founder and CTO at imagi | Forbes 30 Under 30

I had the pleasure of working closely with Abdul on more than one challenging project. His exceptional user-centric focus and attention to detail played an important role in our success as a team... not only a reliable team member but also consistently demonstrated an agile problem-solving mindset... His professionalism and ability to deliver results make him a valuable asset to any project or team.
Ondoro-Founders-Testimonial-Claudia B.

Claudia B.

UX Writer / Content Designer

Shoaib is an incredibly reliable colleague and a kind person who I highly recommend to any team and hiring manager. He communicates well when it came to my marketing needs/cross-team collaborations. Shoaib appeared to always be learning and working on improvements, and was in this way a role model to me. Most importantly, he deeply understands gender and other diversity issues in tech!
Ondoro-Founders-Testimonial-Nadia Xue Garfunkel

Nadia Xue Garfunkel

Education Innovation Advocate | Speaker & Mentor

Shoaib was an amazing team member at Hypercare who brought a positive attitude daily, and will be truly missed. He was talented developer who always went the extra mile to better understand customer needs in new feature developments, investigated and addressed bugs quickly and thoroughly, and had always closed the loop on conversations. Any team would be lucky to work with Shoaib!
Ondoro-Founders-Testimonial-Shirley Zhu, MBA

Shirley Zhu, MBA

Head of Strategy & Ops @ Hypercare

I had the pleasure of working with Shoaib for a little over a year and I found him to be a great addition to our team. Shoaib’s biggest assets are his attention to detail, his understanding of the importance of user experience in mobile applications and his remarkable work ethic. I believe he will be a valuable addition to any team and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.
Ondoro-Founders-Testimonial-Ali Moeen Malik

Ali Moeen Malik

Co-Founder @ ezBike

Shoaib was a true asset to us at imagi, and his impact reached beyond his developer role. His consistent delivery of quality work and involvement in varied aspects outside of development work showcased his dedication and commitment... His teamwork and individual contributions were fundamental in shaping our startup culture... any team would be lucky to have such a skilled developer..
Ondoro-Founders-Testimonial-Dora Palfi

Dora Palfi

Co-Founder & CEO at imagi | Forbes 30 under 30

...had the privilege of collaborating with Abdul on a project at Miinto/The Vintage Bar, a major online marketplace. Abdul thrived in an environment of constant change, showcasing not only technical expertise as a seasoned mobile app developer but also a remarkable ability to adapt as a team player... Abdul's dedication to delivering high-quality results in the face of uncertainty is impressive. I highly recommend Abdul...
Ondoro-Founders-Testimonial-Humberto de Oliveira

Humberto de Oliveira

Customer Solutions Engineer @ Google


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